“Project Medicine Drop”

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Prescription Drop Off Locations

Properly dispose of unused & expired prescriptions.
Drop-off locations are safe, secure and anonymous.
Available 7 days a week, 365 a year!

The boxes are for pharmaceutical disposal of pills, capsules, patches and pet medications
 – but not mail (the boxes are the same shape but different colors), trash, syringes or liquids.

Berkeley Township Police Department
Stafford Township Police Department
Harvey Cedars Borough Hall
Lacey Township Police Department
Lakewood Police Department
Long Beach Township Police Department
Manchester Township Police Division
Seaside Heights Police Department
Toms River Police Department

Medication can be disposed of at home if done properly.
Do NOT flush unused medications down the toilet.
Take them out of their original container.
Mix them with undesirable substances such as coffee grounds and kitty litter.
The medications will be less appealing to children, pets and unrecognizable to people who
may intentionally go through your trash.
Put them in a sealable bag, empty can, or other container to
prevent the medication from leaking and dispose of it in a trashcan.

Prescription drug abuse and improper disposal is a significant public health concern.
The illegal use of prescription drugs is an epidemic in the United States.