Meet the LBI Health Department

You may wonder what public health and your local health department do in the Long Beach Island community.

The Long Beach Island Health Department is responsible for:

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    The health department works to prevent disease outbreaks by monitoring water quality at the beaches and recreational facilities on Long Beach Island and making sure the restaurant food you eat is safe. It is ready to respond to any health emergency, be it bioterrorism, Zika virus or an environmental hazard.


    Long Beach Island Health Department gives you information about making healthy decisions, such as exercising, eating right, quitting smoking or simply washing your hands to keep from spreading illness. The department provides alerts and warnings to protect your health during public health emergencies.


    The department offers preventive care to avoid disease and maintain health. Long Beach Island Health Department offers vaccines that prevent illnesses in adults such as flu, tetanus, pneumonia and shingles. It is a place where mothers can get prenatal education to give their babies a healthy start. The health department also provides children with immunizations, to help them grow up protected and healthy.


    Long Beach Island Health Department takes part in developing policies and standards that address existing and emerging challenges to the community’s health while enforcing laws to help keep you safe. The department works through research and staff training to maintain expertise and deliver up-to-date health programs.

           We are Located at,

2119 Long Beach Blvd., 1st Floor

Ship Bottom, NJ 08008

Hours of Operation:   Monday – Friday 9 am to 4 pm, closed Holiday’s and Weekends

Phone: 609-492-1212

Fax: 609-492-9215

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