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Food Safety
Environmental Complaints and Property Maintenance
Recreational Bathing
Rabies Control
West Nile Virus
General Environmental Health

Food Safety

Our environmental health staff conduct annual inspections of retail facilities to enforce laws and regulations which protect public health and safety. We are available year round for plan reviews and consultations and offer a food service management course each spring.

Food Safety Manager Certification and Food Handler Training
Food Management Certification Resources

Chapter 24 (N.J.A.C. 8:24) “Sanitation in Retail Food Establishments and Food and Beverage Vending Machines”

Retail Food Guidance for the Safe Handling of Shellfish

Application for Food Handler's Permit

Temporary Food Packet

Fetal Alcohol Warning Poster (bi-lingual 8.5"x11")


Environmental Complaints and Property Maintenance

Complaints, regarding weeds, poison ivy, trash and debris, insects, rodents, housing and other property maintenance issues, are investigated by our environmental health staff.

Mold Removal Resources
Demolition Video
Video of home demolition that is utilizing recommendations to control dust and debris.
Long Beach Township Ordinance 105
As of July1, 2013, demolition activities shall employ water dampening techniques to suppress dust and debris.
Here are several recommendations to assist compliance with the local ordinance as well as the State air pollution regulations:
*Plan out water supply in advance of work.
*Fix water spray to allow for continuous wet down of debris pile.
*With each addition of new demolition material to pile, allow a short time of wet down prior to pulverizing.
*Strategically dismantle structure, keep in mind wind direction and controlling dust and debris field.
*Clean up any material that strays from job site.

Bed Bugs
Poison Ivy, Oak, Sumac
Household Pest Control  this survey 
dep hotline - 1-877-WARNDEP
The Department of Environmental Protection has established a toll-free telephone hotline number (1-877-927-6337) you can use to report  environmental incidents, abuses, and complaints in New Jersey.


Recreational Bathing Program
Public swimming pools and bathing beaches are inspected for safety and supervision, equipment and maintenance. Sampling of recreational waters is monitored during the summer season to protect the health of swimmers.

Recreational Bathing Code 
Fecal Accident Response Recommendations for Pool Staff 
Healthy Swimming
LBI Beach Information
Rabies Control

Animal bites and exposures are investigated. A free rabies vaccination clinic is held each spring for household pets.

Rabies (CDC)
Protect Your Family from Rabies
West Nile Virus
The New Jersey Department of Health Public Health and Environmental Laboratories test select bird species for West Nile Virus infection and monitoring.
West Nile Virus: What You Need to Know (you tube video)
West Nile Virus (CDC)
Mosquito Borne Diseases
Ocean County Mosquito Extermination Commission (609) 698-8271

General Environmental Health
Long Beach Township Government Records Request Form
New Jersey Youth Camp Standards
New Jersey State Sanitary Code Body Art Procedures