Public Health Nursing Services

Perinatal Program
Vaccines for Children
Safe Syringe Disposal Program
Lead Poisoning Prevention
Communicable Disease
Adult Immunizations
Adult Health Promotion
Exercise and Fitness

Perinatal Program

Public health nurses support pregnant women by providing information on nutrition, health habits, labor and delivery, infant care and more. Help finding community services is also available.


ImmYounity - learn how to protect yourself and your family.


Cocooning Protects Babies-Everyone in a baby’s life needs to get vaccinated against whooping cough and flu!

Your Baby Eats the Fish You Eat

Central Jersey Family Health Consortium-services and programs for pregnant women and families
March of Dimes


Did you know Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders is the #1 preventable developmental disability? It is caused by a mother drinking during her pregnancy. There is NO safe time, amount, or type of alcohol to consume during the 9 months of pregnancy.

Mom's Quit Connection
Free and individualized counseling services and support for pregnant women and new mothers trying to quit smoking.


Breastfeeding Resources
Breastfeeding-guides, fact sheets, workplace support
Breast Pumps
How to Keep Your Breast Pump Kit Clean-new guidance from CDC
Breastfeeding Laws 
New Jersey Breastfeeding Coalition
Monmouth / Ocean Breastfeeding Consortium of New Jersey
HMBANA-certified milk bank
Reduce the Risk of SIDS

Vaccines for Children

The Long Beach Island Health Department provides immunizations to uninsured children and adolescents through age 18
Call for appointment.

Immunization Information

From New Jersey Department of Health:

Vaccine requirements
Childhood and Adolescent Recommended Vaccines Clear Answers & Smart Advice About Your Baby's Shots

Other helpful resources:

Surrounding Our Kids with the Opportunity for Physical Activity
Surrounding Our Kids with Clean Air
Surrounding Our Kids with Safety

provides supplemental nutritious foods to pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum women, infants and children up to the age of five.
Call Ocean County Health Department at (732) 341-9700 Ext. 7520 or (800) 342-9738 for more information or to schedule an appointment.


OceanResourceNet is a free web tool providing a wide range of information about support, resources, and services for families in Ocean County.


Ocean Partnership for Children, Inc. is a private, non-profit community based organization serving children primarily between the ages of 4-18 with behavioral and emotional challenges along with their families. 


Safe Kids Latest Product and Safety News 


Homestyles helps parents shape their homes and lifestyles to raise happy, healthy, safe kids.



Safe Syringe Disposal Program

The improper disposal of syringes or lancets used at home poses a potential health hazard to the community.  Although rare, diseases as serious as Hepatitis B and AIDS can also result from accidental needle sticks. Loose syringes thrown into household trash could be misused if they fall into the wrong hands. Also, these items could injure small children, pets and wildlife.

Residents may drop off used syringes or lancets at the Long Beach Island Health Department office.
To insure the health and safety of all, please observe the following:

*Place syringes in a small rigid container with well fitting lid, preferably a 1 pound coffee can.
*Call for an appointment.
*Please DO NOT LEAVE any syringes outside the health department office unattended.


Southern Ocean Medical Center accepts sharps from residents for disposal.
• Contact information:  Family Resource Center at Ocean Club,  609-978-3559
  700 Rt. 9 South, Stafford, NJ 08092
• There is a onetime $10.00 registration fee. Residents cannot use their own containers. Upon registration, the hospital will issue residents a sharps container. The hospital will swap out the containers during each drop off.

Lead Poisoning Prevention
Today, childhood lead poisoning is considered the most preventable environmental disease among young children, yet an estimated 250,000 U.S. children have elevated blood-lead levels. A simple blood test can prevent permanent damage that will last a lifetime. 

All children under 6 years of age in New Jersey are at risk of lead poisoning. Contact your child's health care provider to have him or her tested. Most insurances cover the cost of lead screening.

The Long Beach Island Health Department provides lead poisoning prevention education and blood lead level testing for children under 6 years of age, who are uninsured or do not have any other means of obtaining the screening. Call 492-1212 to speak with a public health nurse.

To learn more:
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

Safe Kids Latest Product and Safety News 

A Parent’s Guide to PICA

This tool kit is a guide for parents who have children who eat non-food items (pica). It will help parents learn about pica – what it is, why it happens, who to go to for help, and ways to try and prevent it.


Communicable Disease

A communicable disease is any disease that can be transmitted from one individual directly to another individual. Certain diseases, as well as disease outbreaks, are reported to the health department so steps can be taken to protect public health.


Disease detection, prevention and control activities include:

  • Investigation and reporting of diseases

  • Education and consultation regarding prevention and control measures

  • Influenza and pneumococcal immunization clinics

  • Child and adult immunizations

  • Immunization audits of the local schools and daycare

  • Health education programs and materials

  • Referrals

  • Tuberculosis testing and follow-up for Long Beach Island residents

Zika Information



HIV Counseling and Testing
New Jersey's Rapid Testing Sites
AIDS/STD Hotline 1-800-624-2377


Mosquito Borne Diseases
Tick Borne Diseases

Adult Immunizations
Available by appointment for travel, employment, college, or routine prevention.

Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine (PPSV23)

Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV13)

Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis

What Vaccines Do YOU Need?


Learn about shingles


Merck's Patient Assistance Programs


This private and confidential program provides vaccines free of charge to eligible adults, primarily the uninsured who could not afford needed Merck vaccines.


Adult Health Promotion
Blood pressure screening, risk factor assessment, and health education

Long Beach Island Health Department
2119 Long Beach Boulevard
Ship Bottom
2nd Wednesday --10:00AM -11:00AM

Long Beach Island Branch of the Ocean County Library
217 S Central Avenue
Surf City
1st Tuesday --11:00AM -12 noon

Harvey Cedars Borough Hall
76th & Long Beach Boulevard
3rd Tuesday --9:30AM -10:30AM

Barnegat Light Borough Hall
10 East 7th St
3rd Tuesday --11:00AM -12 noon

What Is High Blood Pressure?


Exercise and Fitness


Project Healthy Bones-exercise and education program for older adults who have or are at risk for osteoporosis. The 24 week curriculum includes exercises that improve strength, balance and flexibility. The program is currently for LBI residents only and runs from September to June. For more information, contact Ann Pepe at 492-1212. 

Recovering Couch Potato