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For information only:

New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services
Immunization Program

(609) 826-4860

Centers for Disease Control Travelers’ Health
TTY: (888) 232-6348
24 Hours/Every Day
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For information and immunizations by appointment:

Long Beach Island Health Department
Available vaccines:
  • Hepatitis A (series of 2) $48 per shot
  • Hepatitis B (series of 3) $52 per shot
  • TwinRix (Combination Hepatitis A & B-series of 3) $94 per shot
  • Tdap $42

Urgent Care Now
712 E Bay Ave, Suite 22B 

WorkNet/Earth Expeditions Travel Medicine
368 Lakehurst Rd.-Suite 206
Toms River


Passport Health Marlton
10,000 Lincoln Drive East
One Greentree Centre, Suite 201

Marlton, NJ 08053


Yellow Fever Vaccination Clinics

Yellow Fever Vaccination Clinics (Ocean County)




General Information

Contact your health care provider at least 6 weeks before departure for current health information on the country you plan to visit and to obtain vaccinations and medications as needed.

The risk of becoming ill during international travel depends on the regions of the world visited, the types of destinations within a country, season of travel, individual factors, and diligence in use of protective measures.

~Wash hands often with soap and water, or use an alcohol-based hand gel.
~Drink only bottled or boiled water, or carbonated (bubbly) drinks in cans or bottles.
~Avoid tap water, fountain drinks, and ice cubes.
~Eat only thoroughly cooked food or fruits and vegetables you have peeled yourself.
~Avoid purchasing food from street vendors. Remember: boil it, cook it, peel it, or forget it.
~Protect yourself from mosquitoes, especially between dusk and dawn by wearing
long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and hats. Use insect repellents that contain DEET Picaridin, or Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus following the directions and precautions on the product label. Please read Mosquito Bite Prevention for Travelers.
~Walk and drive defensively. Avoid walking barefoot.
~Don’t swim in fresh water. Salt water is usually safer.
~Avoid places where live birds are raised or kept, such as poultry farms or live food markets.

Source: Centers for Disease Control


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